About Clipgator

Just-in-time kid-related deal clips for busy parents from the Blogosphere.

Clipgator came about from a personal desire to stay informed about hot kid-related deals in the blogosphere. Our personal web surfing experience is not atypical – with all that is happening on the home front (aka “life”), time to dig deep and really surf the web is often a luxury. With so much valuable information on the web and so little time to surf, how can one stay informed about kid friendly deals efficiently and effectively?

Enter Clipgator, a just-in-time portal to deals for busy parents.

At Clipgator you will find just-in-time kid-related deal clips from around the web. We have aggregated deals that we consider to be a good value. Our goal at Clipgator is to provide access to quality deals so that busy parents can keep in the know and shop with confidence. Why pay full price if there’s a deal to be had?

Get involved in the process. Feel free to drop us a line at sage [AT] Clipgator [DOT] com.

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